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As the holiday season approaches, we felt the need to share some ideas on the best way to gift a king...and some not so good ideas.

Here’s a list of holiday gift giving dos and don’ts that we hope will help you avoid a dust collector.


Don’t ❌
Buy him a suit

Those darn off the rack suits are often more trouble than their worth. To the mall👉🏾Home👉🏾Tailor👉🏾Home👉🏾back to the tailor all so you can look like the guy in the office next to you.

Do ✔
Book him a consultation at

This is a shameless plug. Important we knock this out early (Another ☝🏾 Khaled Voice). Our consultations are an experience that results in a beautiful garment. #Twofer

Don’t ❌
Surprise him with something new

He’ll tell you he loves it. He’ll then stash it next to last year's surprise Hawaiian shirt.

Do ✔
Get exactly what he asks for

He doesn’t expect you to guess. Men tend to say exactly what they mean. No real guesswork necessary. Have you tried just asking him what he wants? 👈🏾 crazy idea but try it.

When he said he wanted a new pair of Cufflinks from, that’s what he meant! 🔌

Don’t ❌
Buy him a new tool to complete his “Honey do” list

Queens, this is a gift for you. Father’s Day is the only time when this is semi acceptable. (not enough character space for a Fathers Day rant but don’t worry June is coming)

Do ✔
Hire a professional to give him a day off.

He may supervise your paid professional but that’s ok too.

Don’t ❌
Buy him anything “cute”

Cute is almost offensive. Don’t do it.

Do ✔
Look for something that accentuates your favorite feature of his

Try “Babe, I bought you this T-shirt because I want you to show off those sexy elbows of yours.”

What? y’all not into elbows?

Don’t ❌
Get him a box set

The mall kiosk is not your friend.

Do ✔
Get him a gift card is


As we move forward on this journey to create pieces that make our clients feel like royalty we continue to learn and grow.  As we learn, we style, we share.  
-Team Rex
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