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Ok.  I’ll admit it. This pocket square thing is an acquired taste.  It’s easy to omit this accessory and still achieve a look of absolute Rexcellence.  For those of us who are looking for that pop, this seemingly small accent can be the difference between “nice suit” and “Nice Suit!”.   This one's for you, King.

1. Straight or Presidential (Video)

        1.      Press/steam your square and lay flat
        2.      Fold in half from right to left
        3.      Fold in half from left to right w/ a small gap
        4.      Fold in half from top to bottom
        5.      Fold the bottom up & adjust to fit 

Often worn with: Tuxedo
Wearing your black tie? This is the fold. 
This simple, neat and classic fold is the perfect go to for your black tuxedo.  Oh, you ain’t got a black tuxedo? We can help with that. Book Your Consultation

2. One Point Or Peak (Video)

        1.      Press/steam your square and lay flat
        2.      Fold in half diagonally
        3.      Fold in one of the sides
        4.      Fold in the opposite side
        5.      Tuck the folded square and adjust.

Often worn with: Business Suit or Blazer
Although the straight fold is relatively effortless be prepared to make occasional adjustments to your 1 point fold. If you’re lucky, you have a coworker who’ll remind you.  “Ay, your square slippin’ dog”

3. Two Points or Peaks(Video)

       1.     Press/steam your square and lay flat
       2.    Fold your square diagonally with a small offset (your second peak)
       3.    Fold one side in.
       4.    Fold the other side in the same way.
       5.   Tuck the folded pocket square and adjust as needed.

Often worn with: Semi Formal Suit or Sportcoat
Note: please add 5-10 minutes to your commute if you intend to execute a perfect 2 point daily.  This one may take a little time, Kings.

Bonus: Puff “Fold”

        1.   Press/steam your square and lay flat 
        2.   Pinch the center of the pocket square
        3.   Slide the square through your other hand so the ends hang evenly 
        4.   Fold up the ends once 
        5.   Tuck the square and style


    Often worn with: Casual Suit or Sportcoat
    I’d argue that the proper execution of this fold can be left to interpretation.  All puffs are not created equal but there are some standard steps that’ll provide a reasonable baseline for you to puff from.  Feel me?

    However you choose to fold it, hope this quick web guide helps you navigate the square space (see what I did there? Couldn’t help it) effortlessly, King

    As we move forward on this journey to create pieces that make our clients feel like royalty we continue to learn and grow.  As we learn, we style, we share.  
    -Team Rex
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