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Anyone whose encountered our style consultants Keith or Collie knows full-well where they’re from. 

Not because they make any effort to announce the borough that bred them but there’s just something about those Bronx boys that’s...different (pronounced better than all them other dudes).

As is the case with many small businesses, our client base started with family and friends.  The homie Garvin, another North Bronx native, has patronized our business on multiple occasions and though his career journey has taken him halfway across the world to Abu Dhabi, he rocks wit the home team... Rex.

In Abu Dhabi, Garvin partnered with videographer and content creator Abby on a promo project for a bag company...

The result was dope.  We loved the content and needed to meet with the founders to find out how we could all win.  5 emails, 16 WhatsApp messages, 2 conference calls and a whole lotta reminiscent laughter later, we knew that a partnership with fellow Bronx Bruh Shallon and Sherika, founders of TW Tote was a perfect pairing. 

We thought Rexcessories offering Cufflinks, Ties, Tie barsSocks, Pocket Squares and Lapel Pins was all a King needed to complete the look.  Turns out this vegan leather lunch tote by TW Tote is essential!

We can’t wait to show y’all this heat!

We “Cookin’” Fat Joe Voice.

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