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Generally speaking, a black tie affair is one that begins in the late evening and has a strict semi formal dress code.   

We spoke to Correy K and he made it clear that regardless of how long you've known him or the number of bottles you intend to purchase you CANNOT wear your Circa outfit to Black Excellence.

For women, the options are endless, A-line gowns, ball gowns, sheath gowns, mermaid gowns...dawg... Ladies, if you're reading this, D. Auxilly can help you navigate.  

For gents, the dress code can be simply interpreted as a black tuxedo and bow tie. 

Traditionally this combo is worn with a white shirt and black patent leather shoes.  Black tie is originally a British custom with roots that date back to the 19th century. 

But no one's here for a history lesson so let's talk looks, shall we?


Andrew's attire strays from tradition in that he chooses to embrace velvet as the base material for his custom belted smoking jacket.  His white covered-button tuxedo shirt adheres to traditional norms and he closes the deal with a lapel pin and shades from Spex Of Time


A double breasted tuxedo is Keith’s attire of choice.  Though he relies on the durability and classic feel of a predominantly wool jacket, his velvet lapel ensures a second look.  His tuxedo pants defy tradition with a matching velvet stripe.  


This look is as close to your traditional black tie affair ensemble as Rex Bespoke gets.  Small gold accent buttonholes with a matching lapel pin make Jonathan’s look uniquely conforming.  


Collie entirely disregards tradition with this belted satin dinner jacket.  The pinstripe accent adds even more daring to the ensemble whilst still adhering to the black tie dress code.  They’ll notice a look like this.  
Now that we've talked through just a few of the options available to us for the next black tie affair, maybe it isn't so simple after all.  Don't worry, King, we got you!


As we move forward on this journey to create pieces that make our clients feel like royalty we continue to learn and grow.  As we learn, we style, we share.  
-Team Rex
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