Rex Style Blog | Food Hangover: 3 tips to make sure your outfit still fits

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Now that you’ve gorged and indulged in all your favorite holiday food, it’s important to still look good in your clothes.  The hangover we're referring to is your newfound second stomach hanging over your pants.

We’ve compiled a brief list of tips that’ll help you pack away the pudge or at least make it look good.

1.  Wear Black

Custom Peak Satin Lapel Velvet Tuxedo  

Black is slimming.  Seriously!  It’s scientifically proven that the human eye processes darker hues considerably differently.  Because of how your eyes process light, black clothes knock off a couple pounds in photos and even help folks accept you for that second plate, that third plate and that turkey sandwich the morning after. 

2. Mind your fit

Custom Peak Lapel Double Breasted Gray Pinstripe 3 piece suit

Ideally, all your clothes are custom made by your favorite style consultant at Rex Bespoke Clothing.  Should you not have prepared for this particular post-thanksgiving gathering, be sure to choose clothes that fit you well.  Tight clothes do not make you look smaller! They make you look bigger.  Please don’t spill out of your outfit.  It’s not the move.  Here’s what a solid relationship with a local tailor who can snip your fit til it works for the unique contours of your body. 

3. Try suspenders

Custom Peak Lapel Double Breasted Gray Pinstripe 3 piece suit

Congratulations on graduating to the last hole in your belt.  Your reward is a great pair of suspenders from Rexcessories!  Fact of the matter is belts don’t always do the trick and sometimes they take away from the look of your trousers. Belts and  Vodka in your pocket aren't the only ways to keep your pants waisted....couldn’t help it. 

Special Thanks to WKG Fresh Photography for capturing these looks with precision! 

 Enjoy your holiday season! New Years is coming... You should probably...

As we move forward on this journey to create pieces that make our clients feel like royalty we continue to learn and grow.  As we learn, we style, we share.  
-Team Rex


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