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By now we trust you've made the well informed decision to join us for an evening of elaborate elegance. (If you haven't. Shame! Click here)  Good on you! Except now comes the decision that will likely define your social life until the next Keventz event... What to wear?!?!? No pressure, right? Take a deep breath.  Here's a guide on how to ensure you stand out and don't get put out.  Let's start with the basics:

No Sneakers

Do Invest in a comfortable pair of fashionable shoes.  The combination of the 2 can often be elusive.  As men, we often forego the "try on" but for tonight's footwear, you might want to 2 step a bit before you swipe.  

Don't wear sneakers! Seriously.  No sneakers.  We know you have the new Yeezys and we're proud of you but this isn't the time or place.  

No Multi-Colored Blazers

Do Book your Consultation at  Remember we are a custom clothier so timing is of the essence.

Don't freestyle your blazer. Bad idea to pull up in something you've seen in a window on Flatbush Ave or Fordham Rd.  We've all seen it.  We'd prefer not to see it again.  

Dress Code Will Be Strictly Enforced.

Those Out Of Dress Code Will Be Denied Entry.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's talk more specifics, shall we?

Do recycle pieces.  It is not necessary to buy an entirely new outfit every time you decide you want to flex for the gram.  Feel free to mix and match less prominent pieces like your pants, shirt or shoes.  

Don't recycle outfits.  If you've worn this entire combo before don't do it again.  The instagram algorithm will detect it as the same photo and won't show it to anyone.  Who wants that?

Do accessorise.  Add a little pop to your blazer with a pocket square or a lapel pin.  Be sure to be wearing a good sock.  Whether you go with a basic black or something fun from our socks collection, be intentional.  Match or don't match but do it on purpose.  

Don't ACCESSORISE.  Despite your favorite rap song, it is not mandatory to wear all your jewelry all the time. 4 rings, 3 chains, 6 bracelets, a watch and your ankle monitor is just overkill bruh.  

Do pick a focal point.  Choose which part of your outfit will draw the most attention.  Build your outfit around that piece.  

Don't pick 6.  This isn't the lotto.  Too many loud pieces will change your outfits character to confusion.  

A few reminders:


As we move forward on this journey to create pieces that make our clients feel like royalty we continue to learn and grow.  As we learn, we style, we share.  
-Team Rex

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